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ELEM’s Community Dinner to Support its Awake at Night Program

Posted by on February 8th, 2012 with 0 Comments

It was a pleasure attending ELEM’s Community Dinner to support its Awake at Night program this past Saturday night, February 4th, in the East Village.  A delicious Georgian (as in former Soviet Republic) dinner was served to the relaxing strains of the cello.  Kudos to the chefs.

The hosts, Nirit and Michael Shaoul, were very gracious and generous in opening their home to this important organization.  The Talmud quotes “Kol Yisrael Areivim Zeh Lezeh.”  Each Jew is responsible one for another.  The Shaoul family certainly takes this to heart and the Elem organization, Israel’s leading non-profit organization, with its network of 250 professionals and its almost 2000 volunteers, rescues abused and neglected Israeli youth from off the streets.

Michelle Carlin,  ELEM’s tireless Executive Director, made us aware of the fact that both Jewish and Arab Israeli youth, some as young as twelve, have been lured into prostitution.  An unfathomable thought.

ELEM is able to reach out to tens of thousands of youth each year providing them with individual therapy, mentoring, educational placement, and vocational training.  ELEM operates counseling and support centers, and with its fleet of outreach vans ELEM takes to the streets to reach these hidden children of the night.  This worthy organization certainly deserves our support.  Let’s eradicate this plague in the Land of Israel.



-Written by Austin Rybstein

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