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Life and Art in South Africa Fundraiser

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There will be a  Life and Art in South Africa Fundraiser on May 10th at Madiba restaurant located at 195 Dekalb Avenue(between Adelphi Street and Carlton Avenue in Brooklyn)  from 6-10pm. Cost is $50.00(cash only) which includes food, drink and live entertainment. (Food will be served from 6pm to 8pm). You can contact Renee 631-835-7842 or Madiba 718 855 9190.

This is an opportunity to become involved with a worthy cause and for you to be part of the filming of Life and Art in South Africa.  This opportunity will provide a well-deserved forum for the South African artist to share about their struggles, challenges, hopes and aspirations as to what they want their art to say to the world since the ending of apartheid, the release of Nelson Mandela, and the awarding of the 1984 Nobel Peace Prize to Bishop Desmond.

Tutu, the vibrant voices of artists who had their fingers on the pulse of the political and social aspects of a country, appear to no longer be in the forefront of artistic activism.

Where are the artists who once challenged the status quo, educated the masses through artistic expressions and offered profound statements about life through their medium and what of their protégés?  The answers to such compelling questions are of interest not only to South Africans, but also to the larger International community.

Your advise, suggestions and or much-needed financial support would provide the host and her talented team of individuals the resources to complete the project over the anticipated timeframe (1 month) to observe, research, interview and interact with artists as they create in their various mediums.   The host and her team will venture into all realms of South African life, in search of getting a full and accurate depiction of what it means to be a South African artist.  Traveling to South Africa for a month for this adventurous study will prove to be an intriguing and inviting cultural experience to excite the minds and stimulate the viewer’s exploration of a world that is NOT worlds apart from their own.

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