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Rainforest Alliance 25th Anniversary Gala Honors Sustainable Companies

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The Rainforest Alliance is an international nonprofit organization, aimed at sustainable agriculture, forestry, tourism, and at mitigating climate change, environmental education, connecting conservationists and at measuring our global impact. Celebrating its 25th year of preserving and promoting conservation what remains of the vast tropical ecosystems that supply us with enormous amounts of oxygen, Rainforest Alliance honored several companies with the Sustainable Standard-Setter awards, at the Gala may 16th.



A beaming trio to help the environmental cause that affects sustainability worldwide. (From left to right) Nate Streed of Kroger Sustainability, Martha Stewart of Martha Stewart Living, Mike Johnson of Clearwater Paper Corporation


Having once covered 14% of the world, rainforests now cover a mere 6%. Honorees included: Blommer Chocolate Company; Bloomberg Fazendas Reunidas Vale do Juliana SA; Federation of Community Forestry Users, Nepal; Global Environment Facility; La Arboleda Community Mill; Marks and Spencer Group plc; The Nabob Coffee Company; Posada Amazonas Lodge by Rainforest Expeditions; Staples.

Chris Noth, Actor and the host of the Rainforest Alliance gala awards dinner, showed great support for the cause for International Sustainability


The Earth’s forests are depleting at a shocking rate of 32 million acres each year, which contributes to 12-15 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions. Rainforest Alliance draws on statistics, resources, facts and awareness, to improve biodiversity and the overall global marketplace. Newsroom publications, trivia challenges, sustainability checklists, feature articles and blogs all comprise this wonderful alliance of attentive businesses, individuals and communities. See

(From left to right) Nate Streed of Kroger Sustainability, Martha Stewart of Martha Stewart Living, Mike Johnson of Clearwater Paper Corporation, and Angel Crawford (Founder/CEO of One Source Resource (OSR)) were present at the Rainforest Alliance awards and gala event

Advocating greener offices, schools and university campuses, the Rainforest Alliance, whose emblem is a frog, encourages balanced sustainable lifestyles and agricultural farming, and accords to the standards, set by the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN). The oldest, largest NGO devoted to improving the tropics, SAN standards conform to the Code of Good Practice for Setting Social and Environmental Standards of the International Social and Environmental Accreditation and Labeling Alliance (ISEAL).

Tens of millions of peoples’ livelihoods depend on the fruits of labor supplied by vast agricultural and wildlife. Their livelihoods are in detriments, as is our health, thanks to deforestation. It is our responsibility as individuals and teams to reconsider how to help save and improve the conditions left behind by bulldozers and logging. 50,000 species of animals and plants a year – about 137 species a day are lost, with the destruction of the rainforests. It is up to us to help stop deforestation, which in an estimated 40 years may all leave us alone—without the lovely Amazon.


Written by Farrah Sarafa, One Source Resource (OSR)

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